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with our new bespoke soda blasting facility we can blast everything from a small engine casing to a complete car.

As part of our continual desire to enhance our capabilities and streamline our processes we now have a fully operational Soda blasting facility on-site.

We have created a “bespoke” facility to handle our specific cleaning/blasting requirements.  Within this facility we are able to blast everything from small engine components to complete cars.


This was not a decision that came about quickly. We had to identify which method of “blasting” was best to suited to our needs.  

We already have 2 “dry blast” machines which use different media.  These machines work very well for certain types of components and castings but are not suitable for blasting engine components such as blocks and cylinder heads.  This form of blasting is also too abrasive for delicate aluminum Aston Martin bodywork.

We also looked at “wet blasting” and decided to take a number of engine casings for a day of testing using different types of machines and processes.  We spent the day blasting blocks and heads etc. and we were initially very impressed, the results looked really good.  Each component blasted had a superb surface finish with very little surface abrasion.  We left the demonstration that day very impressed with the results (although the salesman clearly was so impressed with the mess we had made in his spotlessly clean show room!).

The following day we had another look at the components.  Unfortunately, after drying overnight each of the castings was left with an unacceptable amount of debris in the oil and waterways, therefore this option was ruled out.  Just a small amount of the debris can easily become trapped inside an oil way and wreck a freshly re-built engine, even blanking off the oil ways on occasion.

We then looked into walnut shell blasting. It was OK, but contamination was still a factor and the surface finish just wasn’t good enough.  Vapor/dry ice blasting overcame the contamination issue but this method was not harsh enough to clean the old engine blocks and cylinder heads.

The only option for us was Soda.  This method completely overcomes the contamination issue (the bicarbonate soda dissolves in warm water), is abrasive enough to clean the engine castings but gentle enough to remove paint from delicate aluminum bodies.  It is even possible to blast a complete car with the windows still fitted!  

Another bonus is that this method is environmentally friendly with no health hazards.

Problem solved!

All levels of blasting available, from small components to a complete car.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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