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Does your Aston need tuning? With decades of experience plus our superb facilities and expertise, you're sure of the best results here at Aston Workshop.

Aston’s were never easy to set up and tune and with the passage of time the number of people who can properly set up carburettors is diminishing rapidly. Here at the Aston Workshop we have many years of experience on all models, from the twin “S.U.” DB2's up to and including the DBS V8 (fitted with the Bosch mechanical fuel injection system)

Utilizing our experience and state of the art facilities we can optimize your engine to ensure it performs as well as it possibly can.

With our current ongoing engine development plan, we have spent many months testing on the engine dyno, rolling road and where it matters most of all, out on the road. If you are looking for better reliability or an increase in torque and power we have a range of “bolt on” enhancements available for your cherished Aston.


  • Programmable electronic ignition systems (with a full mapping option available)

  • Aston Workshop's “High Flow” air-box upgrade DB5/6 and S6 (Weber and S.U.) with the original “remote” filter. This looks completely standard but will give a torque and power increase all the way across the rev range. Whilst back to back testing we found an increase of 20 ft/lbs of torque and 20 BHP on a 4.7 litre triple Weber car.

  • For cars running on Webers we can change trumpet lengths, to either increase low down torque or give more BHP at the higher end of the rev range, whatever suits our client.

  • Aston Workshop's tuned exhaust systems with equal length headers. Fully ceramic coated in a colour of your choice.

  • Completely hidden, fully sequential EFI system (Weber and S.U.) retains the original under bonnet appearance but with the benefit of being “future proof” against modern fuels, ease of starting, hot or cold, will never go out of tune, better fuel economy, increase in torque and BHP with the refinement of a modern vehicle. Suitable for all engine capacities and fully mapped to your vehicle to ensure the very best in performance and reliability.

  • Aston Workshop's “ultimate” EFI system is full throttle bodies, this has all the benefits of the above system and is very neat, but it does change the under bonnet appearance and is probably more suited to the track day enthusiast rather than the purest.


We are passionate about what we do and this shows in the quality of workmanship and high level of care you will receive here at the Aston Workshop.

Whether it be a “simple” tune up, rolling road session or one of our enhancements please feel free to contact us to discuss your personal requirements.



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