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Increasingly popular is Aston Workshop's EFI conversion for the range of V8 engined cars.

The conversion can be carried out as part of a complete engine rebuild inclusive of enhancements or as an installation in the car with your existing engine “in Situ”

The only modification to the original engine is the fitment of an additional water temperature sensor.

The Car/Engine can easily be converted back to Carburettors should it ever be desired.

Fitting Modern EFI has many distinct advantages:

- Increased Torque and BHP.

- Future proofing against changing fuels.

- Components are Ethanol proof.

- Increased fuel economy.

- Once set the engine will never go out of tune.

- Turn the key and you’re away.

Lots of advantages without any drawbacks. 

The installation is very neat with all electronics hidden away and the under bonnet appearance looks original, utilising the original Air Box and Tubes and maintaining the correct Air Box height.

The engine runs off two Lambda sensors that constantly monitor and change fuelling based on the actual requirements of the engine.


Please contact us to discuss the range of options we have available.


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