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Maximum specification race and fast road engines for DB2, DB2/4 DB2/4 MKIII.

Our maximum specification VB6J engine is the ultimate package available today. This engine can be built and supplied to our clients as a new engine using only a few of the original components, thus retaining the original engine to protect  against possible damage.
When significantly raising the torque and BHP of the DB2 engine's it is essential that a new cylinder block is used due to the known weaknesses of the original castings. The cylinder head is also replaced with a new aluminium unit.
Each engine we build  is tailored to the exact requirements of our client. Specifications can be changed to suit what the car is going to be used for, long distance touring, fast road, rallies or full race specification. 
Below is a brief description of the specialised parts that are incorporated into the maximum specification VB6J race engine. 
  • New strengthened cylinder block.
  • Full race spec crank with no rod offset, good for 8'000 / 8'500 RPM.
  • Forged, longer connecting rods.
  • Forged, bespoke, 84mm bore pistons.
  • Solid, 4 bolt crank cheeses.
  • Up-rated oil pump.
  • Fluid crankshaft damper.
  • Lighter, solid steel flywheel.
  • Fully gas flowed competition aluminium cylinder head.
  • Full race spec inlet and exhaust camshafts.
  • Larger inlet and exhaust valves.
  • Competition valve springs and retainers.
  • Competition head gasket.
  • Race specification head studs, nuts and washers.
  • Triple Weber inlet manifolds.
  • 45 DCOE9 triple Weber carburettors (new sand cast carburettors also available)
  • New rear engine back plate to incorporate modern lip seal for the rear of the crank.
  • Electronic "mappable" ignition.
  • High output starter motor.
  • Alternator.
  • Race specification exhaust system.
 Fast road, rally and full race options are also available for the 2.6 and 3.0L DBA MKIII 
 Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


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