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We would be delighted to talk with you about any DBS engine requirements you may have.  As with the DB5 / DB6 we can meet all our clients’ objectives. Our approach ensures any work carried out is done to the highest possible standard, at an affordable cost. 

The DBS6

From the outset, the intention with the DBS was to use the V8 engine being developed by Tadek Marek. From the outset, therefore the dimensions of the car had to be such as to accommodate the considerable width of the engine, when complete with its induction and exhaust systems. Various designs were evaluated during the course of 1964, and Touring of Milan, the stylist that was tasked with producing a modernised design, in this case a 2 seat open sporting car. However, while Touring was developing his designs, William Towns, at that point engaged as an interior designer, showed some design sketches that he had developed and from these the design of the DBS was developed.

It was also at this point that Chief Engineer, Harold Beach was also tasked with updating the design of the chassis and suspension. It had been a long term ambition of Harold Beach to introduce an independent rear suspension and the opportunity to incorporate a De Dion rear suspension located with twin trailing arms was at last adopted. The rear brakes were moved inboard to reduce unsprung weight. In other respects, the front suspension design remained largely unchanged but with revised springs. As can be seen, the DBS represents a radical departure from the design of the DB4, 5 and 6, which was exactly what the senior directors of Aston Martin, and in particular Mr David Brown, considered so essential for this new model.

The planned V8 engine was however trailing the planned date of the DBS launch; so much so, that late 1967, a decision was taken to launch the DBS alongside the DB6, using the same 6 cylinder in line engine, in standard and Vantage tune. The same 5 speed gearbox was also used and with the same final drive ratio. The DBS was launched at the 1968 London motor show. In 1969, the same Fuel Injection option was also offered as also with the DB6 Mk2.

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