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From an up-rated aluminium cylinder head, to a triple carburettor conversion or special camshafts and internal components. We are able to offer packages to suit all requirements and budgets.
The DB2/4 DBA engine and its variants

The big changes to the DB2 engine came with the introduction of the DB2/4 Mk3 in 1957 and owe their existence to the arrival of a new Aston Martin engine designer, Tadek Marek, a naturalised Pole, who joined the company in 1955. The major changes included the introduction of a redesigned cylinder block of 3 litre capacity, enabling the removal of the previous liner offsets, top seating wet cylinder liners, a modified cylinder head with enlarged intake valve seatings and a substantial increase in the size of the oil pump. The crankshaft design was also slightly modified. Corresponding improvements to the free breathing of the intake manifolds and a freer flowing exhaust system were also added with an increase in compression ratio. The Vantage specification camshafts and carburettors were standardised.

The Mk3 engine was also offered with a higher performance option, this being the DBD engine. This variant came with triple H6 SU carburettors.


Aston Martin DB5, Electronic Fuel Injection.

Aston Martin DB5, Converted to 4.7 litre with Fully Sequential, Electronic Fuel Injection.


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