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Aston Martin DB5, 4.7 EFI, FAST ROAD...

Having already completed many track days in his DB5, our client came to Aston Workshop looking for extra speed and refinement. The car was producing good power and torque with its triple 50 DCOE Webers and uprated 4.7 litre engine.

Preliminary testing suggested there was still room for improvement and that it could be made a lot more “usable” with a range of Aston Workshop enhancements.

Our brief was to produce a package which would enhance the DB5's performance and 'drive-ability', without affecting reliability.

With the car running on triple 50 Webers the power was only available higher up the rev range and would “bog down” below 2,500 RPM. 

Under bonnet originality was not an issue for our client so we opted for a fully sequential, electronic fuel injection system with throttle bodies and stand alone ECU.

Using the EFI system, fuelling and ignition can be precisely controlled at all engine speeds and loads, increasing torque, smoothness, power and fuel economy. We also fitted an 'Aston Workshop' tuned, equal length header exhaust system to improve gas flow exiting the engine.

We used a combination of engine dyno, rolling road and road testing to optimize the engine. Peak torque was 366FT.LBS @ 4,000 RPM with 340BHP @ 5,000 RPM, even at 2,250 RPM the engine was producing a very healthy 270 FT, LBS of torque. On the road the car was smooth and tractable with blistering acceleration, for example 80 to 100 MPH in 6th gear was around the 3 second mark!

As well as these significant engine modifications (all carried out in house) we also converted the original 5 speed manual to a modern 6 speed manual gear box and fully rebuilt the front suspension.

AP racing brakes, electronic power steering, H. I. D. headlights and an instrument LED upgrade completed the package.

As a whole, the enhancements package produced a phenomenally quick and usable car which is not only an excellent track day “tool” but also a reliable everyday road vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us, we can tailor packages to suit any personal requirements you may have.

Please note, we also have a sequential EFI system which is completely hidden and retains the original S.U or Weber Carburettors. Please contact us for further information.


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