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Why Aston Workshop?

There's a quality and expertise that can't be found anywhere else. There's a dedication to the highest standards with Aston Workshop owning some of the most expensive, unique and state of the art machinery that is rarely found elsewhere.

Unfortunately, this leads to a popular misconception that such outstanding service is beyond the reach of most enthusiasts, yet our pricing structure means that we always remain competitive and are able to offer prices to suit every budget without degrading quality of service in any way.

All work is carried out in-house and not "farmed" out (as with some other providers). We are passionate about what we do and we believe that we go above and beyond in the service we offer, so that no matter what level of work you require we are confident of your total satisfaction.


The V8 Engine Man...



1993- Present day

Mick Durrant is the Aston Martin V8 engine man.

If you're looking for an expert to work on your Aston V8, who better to ask than one of those responsible for building the original engines?

Mick started work in Aston Martin's service department back in 1965 but he left after just eight months to follow his dream of playing professional football. As Mick puts it, “I wasn't good enough”, typical of his straightforward, no-nonsense approach and one of the reasons he was invited back to Aston Martin by Dave Beal to pick up where he left off.

From then on he worked his way through the service department to engine build under Colin Thew. He then moved to the production side of the factory where he became one of just four engine builders employed by Aston.

In 1986 he was enticed away by Dennis Nursey to set up Middlebridge Engineering. Owned by a Japanese consortium, the company specialised in upgrading engines and creating stretched vehicles for the Japanese market.

Mick then went on to work for Auto Performance (Paris) where he helped them to attain Aston Martin dealership status. He had 10 very happy years at Auto Performance during which he was fortunate enough oversee and maintain a fleet of Aston Martins for Prince Al Thani of Quatar. For six years this involved regular trips to Marbella to carry out the necessary checks and maintenance.

In 1993 Mick left Auto Performance and returned to the UK to take up his position as Master Engineer here at Aston Workshop. He is rightly proud of the fact that he is now in his late 60s and still very much enjoying his work and close connection with the Aston Martin brand.
Mick typifies the high calibre of expertise you can expect from every department at Aston Workshop.

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